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We believe that we all should look and feel good, naturally. There is more to inner health than eating healthy, and there is more to outer beauty than buying a natural skincare product. There is a careful synergistic balance, and we help you find it.

Functional Wellness

Functional wellness coaching is a very powerful and unique approach to traditional health coaching. It utilizes our very own 3 Point Program that helps you reach your health goals in a very efficient and practical manner.

What makes our approach different?

Traditional health coaching programs utilize a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and while effective, doesn’t always accommodate everyone’s bio-individuality. That’s where functional wellness comes in. We utilize a root cause approach to coaching that helps you begin to figure out the source of your chronic symptoms. This is accomplished with a detailed history, lab testing, followed with a plan of action.

While we don’t attempt to diagnose or treat any disease, understanding what’s going on inside your body is your first set of tools to build a healthy future.

Beautiful, naturally.

Organic SkincareWe have a firm belief that your outer beauty reflects your inner health, and vice versa. This is why we are proud to offer our clients Neal’s Yard Remedies organic skincare from the U.K. This award winning and sustainable company accurately reflects all My Sacred Life’s values and ethics.

Functional wellness combined with organic skincare allows you to look and feel good, naturally.


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