Food Intolerances: More Than Just a Digestive Issue

Let me guess, you’ve decided to eat healthy. You reached for the Greek yogurt, ordered egg white omelets, switched to whole wheat bread, and got sugar free, low-calorie sodas, and still are not losing weight? You’re preaching to the choir. What if I told you that those healthy foods you’re eating are actually keeping you fat. This weight loss resistance could possibly be caused by a food intolerance! It’s important to know that food intolerance are not the same as food allergies. In fact, you could have a negative food allergy lab test and still have a food intolerance. Foods that most people have a full blown allergy to are what’s referred to as an inflammatory food. A food that causes inflammation inside the body, in all your tissues and organs, just below your pain threshold, so you can’t feel it.

What is inflammation?

There are two types of inflammation out there. Inflammation you feel, and inflammation you don’t. When you fall and twist your ankle, it swells, turns red, gets hot, and hurts! This is an example of inflammation you can feel. But the inflammation that hides inside your tissue, the inflammation that is doing a number on your health, is quiet. You can’t feel it. Many don’t ever even realize that it’s happening.

Where is all this inflammation coming from you ask? Well, most of it is coming from the food you’re putting into your body.

You see, food intolerance can come up at any time. Unlike a food allergy, which many are born with, you can develop food intolerance at any time. Ice cream could not give you problems one week, and your body could start reacting negatively the next. A series of physiological responses that your body has is what a food intolerance basically is. Most people test negative to various food allergy lab tests, but I would be willing to bet, you have at least one intolerance, maybe even more than one. I feel confident in this statement, because I have seen it time and time again, in client after client.

Leaky Gut

A lot of clients tell me, “I don’t have any digestive problems. I can eat milk or eggs and be fine,” because they (like many) believe that food intolerance only presents itself in the form of digestive upset. The reality of food intolerance is that only a small number of people react with digestive problems (that they are symptomatic for.) Food intolerance presents itself in many ways including, bloating, joint pain, brain fog, skin problems, headaches, infertility, among so many others. What the next several chapters are about include more detail into each type of food we’re going to remove over the next thirty days and explain the why and how it can impact your body. 

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