Why you don’t need a doctor to order lab tests.

When I explain what functional wellness coaching is and how lab testing is a crucial foundation of it, I get a lot of questions when we get to the lab testing part. It is typically understood that labs are drawn only after being ordered through your doctor. However, times have obviously changed, and you no longer need a doctor to order the labs you’re requesting (this is called direct-access ordering). All you need is a healthcare professional (non-physician), like me, who is partnered with a lab and able to place the order in lieu of your doctor. It’s that easy.

Direct Access lab testing is where an individual can order their own lab tests directly though their healthcare professional (i.e. My Sacred Life). Once the order is placed, the individual then goes to the nearest draw site to have the specimen collected. For coaches like myself, I have partnered with Ulta Lab Tests to offer clients the convenience of better rates and better test options (over 2,000 tests). To be honest, anyone can technically order these lab tests directly, but this isn’t going to be easy as the client is limited by what lab tests can be ordered (due to certain state laws.) Ulta Lab Tests partners are able to circumvent the obstacles and order what you need.

So this is how the whole process works, from beginning to end:

My clients order the lab tests they know they need or consult with me about which lab tests they need. If they are unsure of which lab tests are needed, then I curate panels based off health concerns or future goals.

Once we’ve established what needs to be ordered, the order is securely placed online. The lab requisition form is then sent to the client’s email address where they will print it and take it to a nearby lab. When it’s convenient, the client will simply visit the lab, provide the appropriate paperwork they printed and have their specimen collected. Often the lab visit takes anywhere from fifteen to twenty minutes. Often times, no appointment is necessary.

The results will be made available in the client’s secure online dashboard within just a couple business days. Your personalized health dashboard makes it easy to view diagnostic changes over time.

Test Tube

This is what sets My Sacred Life apart from traditional Direct Access lab testing.

Functional lab analysis is the foundation of all our health coaching programs to help you achieve your wellness goals.

In most health coaching programs, the individual is treated with the coach’s “proven” plan of action, a plan used and only slightly modified from client to client. In functional wellness coaching, we treat each client as an individual, and in turn, curate a “functional” program that is as unique as the individual. Our programs are created to integrate one’s desired outcome with achievable lifestyle goals. This is where the lab testing plays a crucial role.

Advantages of Direct Access lab testing

One of the biggest advantages of Direct Access lab testing is cost. We negotiate costs with our lab partner to deliver you the most affordable lab tests. Often a client could have a concern of a health condition (i.e. symptoms, family history, etc.) that their healthcare practitioner would not order testing for, deeming them “unnecessary” without having more reason than just a “patients concern”. Sometimes the patient just wants the peace of mind knowing they don’t have the same auto-immune condition grandma had, or at risk of a heart attack like their uncle. Not to mention the insurance run-around that a client could face for covering or reimbursing the costs. Since our labs have negotiated rates (nearly 80% off), it’s affordable to just pay out of pocket and not even have to deal with insurance. Some routine labs are just $12.

Bottom line:
You don’t need a doctor to order lab tests. However, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor about any health concerns or your lab test results. My Sacred Life does not interpret or diagnose any conditions from your lab results. They are used as a foundation to create your path to better health. If you feel you have a condition that needs prompt medical attention, contact your healthcare provider right away.
For more information on how functional lab testing works contact us for a free wellness consult.

Please note direct access lab testing is not available in all states. Ulta Lab Tests does not offer direct access testing in NJ, NY, and RI. These states are subject to change due to local and state laws.





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