How we celebrate Earth Month

MSL Plant a Sustainable Future

What we believe in:

My Sacred Life is passionate about three things; wellness, ethics, and sustainability. We know that we have to protect the planet we’re on, not just for us and future generations, but for all of mother nature and her children who don’t have a voice for themselves.

What we’re doing:

For all of April 2019, we pledge to plant a tree in support of the Oregon reforestation effort through our partnership with One Tree Planted. Additionally,  Neal’s Yard Remedies gives back to amazing campaigns, including our personal favorite saving the honey bees. A campaign worth buzzing about!

We will plant a tree for every Neal’s Yard Remedies skincare order or wellness consult scheduled with My Sacred Life, and every purchase of the Bee Lovely line from Neal’s Yard Remedies will donate to the effort of saving the honey bees.

While these values are something My Sacred Life stands behind and follows all year long, we really wanted to use this opportunity to showcase everything that reflects our ethical views of people, animals, and the planet.

Why we love our partners:

Did you know Neal’s Yard Remedies doesn’t use plastic micro-beads in their skincare products to help save the oceans? So many of their products are Made Safe Certified which is a badge of honor! It mean’s that their products have passed the rigorous steps to gain certification. It literally means a product has been made with safe ingredients that are not currently known or suspected to harm human health, animals or ecosystems.

Responsible and sustainable ingredient sourcing is the core of Neal’s Yard Remedies and while harvesting the Rose Hips for their popular products like their Wild Rose line, they never harvest the lower part of the plant to leave enough for the wildlife in the area.

They even have protectors of the Frankincense tree’s to prevent over harvesting and protect them from poachers. Neal’s Yard Remedies is basically the Lorax of the modern world.

1 Shirt = 1 Tree

1 Shirt = 1 Tree
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Why we chose Oregon?

Deforestation isn’t just happening in well-known global hotspots like Indonesia and Brazil’s rainforest. A new analysis says forests are also shrinking on state and private land in Oregon, where an estimated 522,000 acres of forest cover have disappeared since 2000. That’s an area six times larger than the city of Portland, equal to more than half of Oregon’s designated state forests.

My Sacred Life is operated out of Seattle, WA and Oregon is our backdoor neighbor. While deforestation is happening not only on a national and global level, our partner One Tree Planted works to help reforestation EVERYWHERE! And Oregon is our contribution. We hope to make the deforested areas of Oregon resemble the image below.

We can do this with help from you. When you schedule a wellness consults with us, purchase from Neal’s Yard Remedies, order lab testing, or shop our dispensary, you’re doing more than helping a small business. You’re helping change the world one plant, and one blue bottle at a time.


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Why we chose an MLM company to offer clients:

You are probably wondering why we chose an MLM company such as Neal’s Yard Remedies to offer our clients and customers.

While we don’t treat our Independent Consultant status with Neal’s Yard Remedies like an MLM company, many have made successful careers with NYR Organic (The U.S. direct sales name). Not using it as an MLM “team growing” platform is a personal decision that My Sacred Life has made.

After wanting to offer organic and natural beauty products, NYR Organic just happened to fit the bill, and they just happened to be an MLM company. They are a company that we are passionate about. The level of ethics, and sustainability, campaigning, and thought put into all of their handcrafted, small-batch products is something we truly believe in. Their products and philosophy is something we want to offer to everyone. Neal’s Yard Remedies started in the 1980’s in Covent Garden in London. It has stores all over England, however, faced a lot of resistance in moving across the pond into the United States market (Organic and natural remedies, etc.) so the company felt making it a direct sales company was the best option to spread the word and help make Neal’s Yard Remedies a household name like it is in the U.K.

All of this being said, we won’t solicit you to “join our team”. If selling Neal’s Yard Remedies is something you would like to do, by all means we welcome you to join us, and will provide all the necessary support for you to grow your business. If creating a Neal’s Yard Remedies business is something you would like to look into, either contact us, or learn more. Otherwise, please know that you choosing to purchase from our Neal’s Yard Remedies site is supporting a small business, and we value you as a customer.