Easily Order Your Lab Work


Functional Lab Testing

Functional lab testing is an amazing tool at helping develop a personalized approach to nutrition and well-being. Each individual is unique and there isn’t a one size fit’s all approach to well being. It’s important to paint the whole picture of your health and wellness and learn what’s happening in your body on a microscopic level. It’s a careful balancing act to ensure your magnificent machine of a body is running smoothly.

Lab Testing

In traditional healthcare all ailments and disease are treated individually. Majority of disease and ailments can be traced to a single root cause. It’s important to identify these in order to gain optimal health and wellness. It’s remarkable how many diseases that are the result of a single vitamin or mineral deficiency.* You can take charge of your own health by choosing functional lab testing.

Ordering your own lab panels can sometimes get pricey when they are paid for out-of-pocket, and if you ask your doctor for a particular lab panel, you could be faced with insurance run around and major out of pocket expenses. But guess what?! When you order your lab tests through My Sacred Life, there is no insurance run around and….. (drum roll) we have negotiated nearly 2,000 lab tests to be super affordable.You don’t need health insurance to order lab testing and learn about your health.

Types of  testing available:

  • Allergies
  • Thyroid Health
  • Cardio Health
  • Autoimmune Detection
  • Cholesterol
  • Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • And nearly 2,000 more!

Curated Lab Panels

I’ve created very cost-effective (and thorough) lab panels to paint a clear picture of your current health state. Including a thorough thyroid panel and a vegetarian/vegan check up for those following a plant-based diet.


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