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Wellness Coaching: A Different Approach

adult-blur-business-630839Some of us have a harder time than others when it comes to achieving weight loss goals, let alone other health and wellness goals. That’s where My Sacred Life comes in! We’re a different approach to health coaching. We treat every client individual, because after all, no two people are alike, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

We offer each client simple lab testing to create the foundation and starting point of their wellness journey. Did you know one of the most inexpensive and routine blood tests such as a CBC Blood Test can provide so much insight into your health? We’ve teamed up with a lab company that has nearly 1500 draw sites across the country, including one in your city! Best of all, there is no insurance run around, and no doctor required!

Within a few days the results are uploaded into your very own secure portal where you can view your results and monitor them over time. These lab results will allow us to create a custom wellness program unique to you!

We also offer you a customized wellness report. The Functional Health Report is the result of a detailed algorithmic analysis of your blood test results. Our analytical and interpretive software analyzes the blood test data for its hidden meaning and reveals the subtle, web-like patterns hidden within the numbers that signal the first stages of functional change in the body. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis can be described as the process by which complex and comprehensive blood bio-markers are organized, analyzed and interpreted to provide a comprehensive assessment of the state and trends of the main body systems, the supporting body accessory systems, along with the status of nutrients and trends towards and away from clinical dysfunction.

Genetics: A Small Player In Your Overall Health

Health CoachingI’ve had many clients tell me that they have diseases like high blood pressure because it’s genetic – their mother or father, or great uncle suffered from high blood pressure, thus it’s inevitable for them to have it. I can’t stress enough how genes only play a minor factor in determining your health. Yes, your genetics load the gun, but it’s your lifestyle that ultimately pulls the trigger. Let’s for a moment, for all intents and purposes, say that genes are the be-all-end-all in determining your health, why would you want to accept a fate of chronic poor health?

I offer various coaching techniques and programs where I am excited to share with you the secrets I have learned and gained over the past couple years that cause effective and lasting wellness changes. My specialty is in helping you, the client, uncover the root cause of your conditions. I lead clients down a path of self-discovery through custom tailored coaching programs, and functional lab work.

I don’t believe in putting clients in a box with a label. We, as humans are so dynamic we can’t fit in a one size fit’s all approach which is why I treat every client as an individual.

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