Health Coaching

Wellness Coaching: A Different Approach

adult-arm-art-326559.jpgObesity is a growing epidemic in our country. It’s estimated that nearly 78 million people in this country are obese, meaning that individuals are at least 35 pounds over their recommended weight. This epidemic makes up nearly 35% of the American population, but this epidemic doesn’t stop there! Obesity is not the only result of poor diet. There are plenty of people out there with a healthy weight who suffer from various chronic illnesses as a direct result of their eating habits. It’s important for us to learn more about proper nutrition, and start the path to better health.

Genetics: A Small Player In Your Overall Health

I’ve had many clients tell me that they have diseases like high blood pressure because it’s genetic – their mother or father, or great uncle suffered from high blood pressure, thus it’s inevitable for them to have it. I can’t stress enough how genes only play a minor factor in determining your health. Yes, your genetics load the gun, but it’s your lifestyle that ultimately pulls the trigger. Let’s for a moment, for all intents and purposes, say that genes are the be-all-end-all in determining your health, why would you want to accept a fate of chronic poor health?

I offer various coaching techniques and programs where I am excited to share with you the secrets I have learned and gained over the past couple years that cause effective and lasting weight loss. My specialty is in helping you, the client, uncover the root cause of their conditions. I lead clients down a path of self-discovery through custom tailored coaching programs, and functional lab work.

I don’t believe in putting clients in a box with a label. We, as humans are so dynamic we can’t fit in a one size fit’s all approach which is why I treat every client as an individual.

Are you drinking fat-free milk, eating egg-white omelets, choosing whole grain breads, and the scale is not budging? Something isn’t working right.  My approach to nutrition is a little bit different than most other nutrition coaches in that my goal when working with you isn’t for you to lose weight, it’s to help you identify your food intolerance and suggest effective lateral shifts in your diet so that you can begin walking down the path to optimal health, happiness, and overall well-being. Throughout my experience, I saw that in taking this approach, is that there is an extremely noticeable side effect; weight loss. That’s right! I help you get going on the path to health, and along the way, the pounds start falling off.

Offering various functional lab tests, I make your plan more precise and targeted.