I have created a 3 Point Program that set’s you up for success in reaching your health goals. I believe in discovering the root cause of your current condition and this is achieved with custom tailored health coaching, as well as carefully curated lab analysis to paint a very individualized blueprint.

The first step includes an initial free consultation where we can (together) determine where you are in your health journey, where you want to be, and how we can bridge the gap from your current state to your goals easily and efficiently.

After the consult, I will put together an order of recommended lab tests so we can create a very individualized approach for you. The lab testing is great because it doesn’t require your doctor to order, and it’s self-pay without insurance run-around. I have negotiated costs with the lab so that it’s a very nominal investment out of pocket. Your labs are drawn at a nearby lab (over 1,200 across the country). Within a few days the results are uploaded into a secure dashboard where you can monitor your progress over time.

You and I can review your lab results and figure out the best plan of action for you. Sometimes these labs will uncover conditions you never even knew about, at which time I will refer you to your healthcare provider for further investigation.

Note: While I am not qualified to interpret your test results, I am qualified to coach you on what normal and abnormal levels can bring. It’s always best after receiving any abnormal labs to consult with your licensed healthcare provider.


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